Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting Back Into It

So, I am sure you heard the big news that The Sims 3 Seasons will be released in November. This is the expansion pack I have been waiting for. In addition to weather, aliens will be making their return. I am not a huge fan of occult types, but aliens and simbots have a special place in my heart. I guess
it's the computer nerd in me. Anyway, I have spent this weekend playing my Lazlos. I finished playing Hope's week, so I will start writing up her entry. 

I am going to stick with my plan of having a separate save for each branch of the family. Rotating seems to cause issues with children and teens maintaining their school performance. I noticed that I also missed out on watching the gnome families grow as the gnomes are usually dead when I get back around to their lots. Also it's a headache adjusting the Story Progession settings for each household. Here is where each branch of the family will be living:

Guardian -- Harmony
Harmony -- Riverview
Summer -- Barnacle Bay
River -- Bridgeport
Leaf -- Moonlight Falls (All of my occult Lazlos will come from Leaf's branch)
Grace -- Starlight Shores
Honor -- Lunar Lakes
Hope -- Appaloosa Plains
Charity -- Hidden Springs
Love and Courage -- Twinbrook
Serendipity -- Lucky Palms

If new hoods come from The Store or with new expansion packs, then I will move Love and Guardian there. Also, starting in Generation 4 (i.e. Trust's generation), I will no longer be following the spares, only the first-born son of each branch. I will keep the spares around until they achieve their LTW, then I will turn them over to Twallan's Story Progression. 

Well, that's all for now. Look for Hope's update soon. Stay tuned!