Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lazlo Legacy--Guardian 3.5

Hello, and welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy. This week we start a new round back at the main Lazlo household in Harmony.

And we begin with my heckling Simself.

Apparently, I am booing Guardian. Is my Simself exhibiting some repressed anger towards Guardian? I don't think it's a secret that Justice has been my favorite torch holder so far, but I don't dislike Guardian.

 Especially since he's earned me another point by completing the Menu Maven skill challenge. (He actually had to complete this challenge to earn his LTW. I just forgot to count the point for it.) As a matter of fact, Guardian has been the most efficient Sim at earning his lifetime wish.

Maybe I am annoyed with him because it was his parents who first realized it was time for his daughters to age up.

Grandma Tracey brings Promise to the cake,

and Grandpa Fortune brings Peace to the cake. Mom Leeann stands close by to cheer her on. Where is Guardian???

Playing in the sprinklers in his formal outfit. So, yeah, I guess he did deserve to get booed.

 Promise adds Clumsy to Grumpy and Artistic.  I see a lot of Guardian in her.

Peace may not look as much like her dad as her twin does, but she does share his Family-Oriented trait.  I haven't completely decided which lifetime wishes the girls are going to pursue. Since Supernatural was recently released, I am thinking it might be cool if one of them follows the Con Artist branch of the new Fortune Teller career while the other follows the Mystic branch. We'll see. I am thinking that their older brother Trust is going to be an International Super Spy.

Anyway, there were birthdays all around town.

My Simself's son, Gabriel, became a child.

Aww...he's super cute. He appears to take mostly after his father.

Hank and Pauline's son, Graham, also grew up.

He's a cutie too, and he seems to be a mix of both his parents. I am already hoping that Gabriel and Graham will become Guardian's sons-in-law someday.

Graham got a head start by coming home from school with the twins one day.

Since Graham was already over, Fortune invited Pauline and Hank too. It's so nice to see Hank and Pauline taking an interest in their son.

I think it helps that I replaced their Commitment Issues trait with Family-Oriented.

Fortune and Hank have become close since they are both on the police force. I feel sorry for Fortune. I think he's been lonely since Colin Murphy moved away to Riverview, so he's had to start up a new bromance with Hank.

I am trying to keep Fortune busy by having him try out all of the chemistry set potions. The puddle he is standing in was caused by the Bladder Flow potion. The only one I don't want him trying is the "Young Again" potion because, well, I don't want him young again. I'll save that one for my Architect, who I am sure will need it.

I am also having Peace work on her cooking. If she can get to Level 2 and have a bale sake, she will earn me another point in the Completion Challenge (provided she completes her LTW, of course).

I was feeling bad about booing Guardian, so I invited him over to my place for a party. He decided to bring Fortune with him.

It was a formal party, so I was dressed to the nines. It's hard to look classy with Freezer Bunny and the Sponge guy in the background, though.

And my dear hubby is illustrating that the party was a snoozer. He crashed even before the guests arrived. I'm sorry if this entry was a snoozer. The Lazlos really didn't do much this week other than have birthdays and work on their skills. Join us next time when we visit Guardian's sister, Harmony, in Riverview. Will Harmony and Alan finally get hitched? Stay tuned...

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 34
Careers: 5
LTW: 9
Skill Challenges: 20 (Guardian - Cooking - Menu Maven)
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points:75

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