Friday, October 5, 2012

The Lazlo Legacy--Harmony 3.4

Welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy. This week we visit with Harmony and company in Riverview.

And we start off with cuteness from Mikel and Janelle.

If you think Alan and Harmony are taking it slow, Mikel and Janelle are even slower. They aren't even an official couple yet, only romantic interests. This household really tries my patience. I want to see some nooboos, people!

Bree would be happy to oblige me. She desperately wants a second child; however, I am only interested in new Generation Four members, not Generation Three. Maybe I should consider moving Colin, Bree, and Lorelei to their own place, so Bree can have all the kids time will allow. And speaking of Colin...

Remember how I said in my last entry that Fortune had started up a new bromance with Hank Goddard? Well, Colin has done the same thing with Odin Crosby. Odin came over a couple of times and Colin rolled up wishes to talk to him. Poor Colin and Fortune. They miss each other so much!

Harmony and Alan are still more focused on achieving their Lifetime Wants than achieving a lasting romance. Harmony is more than halfway through to becoming a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder.

Alan is working on The Perfect Garden lifetime wish. He has mastered the gardening skill and has planted every type of plant. Now, it's just a waiting game for eight plants to be perfect quality at the same time.

Seeing him garden with his Goth look makes me laugh. Now that I have Supernatural, I see him as a rogue fairy. I still plan to keep all of the occults in Leaf's line, though.

Mikel decided that rather than just working at a bar, he wanted to own one. So, I converted the local watering hole to a bar and had him purchase it. Here's a tip: make sure your bar has a restroom. When Mikel first purchased the bar it remained closed. After googling, I found out that the bar didn't meet the minimum requirements of a level one venue because there was no restroom. I added two restrooms, and the bar became open.

Mikel doesn't want the AARP coming after him, so he hired two elders as mixologists.

Kurt Shallow just doesn't strike me as the mixologist type.

To celebrate his entry into entrepreneurship, Mikel took Janelle out for pizza. They had a great date, but neither rolled a wish to go steady.

Alan and Harmony also rolled wishes to go on a date.

Harmony had also been invited to Don Lothario's for a party, so she brought Alan with her.

If I wasn't so attached to Alan, I would have Harmony make a play for Don.

After Don's party, they snuck into the community pool for a dip.

A skinny dip, that is. Harmony, you better be glad your momma doesn't live in Riverview. She'd whack your behind!

Things got steamy, but neither of them rolled an engagement wish. These two are driving me crazy. Will you get on with it already? Should I have left them broken up?

On Saturday morning, Lorelei visited her big brother Gary who lives next door.

Ruby (right), who is Gary's daughter and Lorelei's niece, had already invited Alexis Albright (left) over. Alexis is supposed to live in Barnacle Bay now, so let's just pretend her family was in town visiting.

Here's a close up of Ruby. I love her hairstyle and outfit. I also see that she has violet eyes. She must have gotten them from her mother.

On Saturday night, Harmony grouped up with Janelle, her sister Summer, and her cousins Grace, Hope, and Charity. (Spoiler: Hope is expecting.) I was hoping the girls would be getting together to throw Harmony a bachelorette party, but we'll have to settle for a regular Girls' Night Out.

The girls partied it up at the Riverview branch of The Grind. Alexis's mom, Shera, was also there. Don't you Albrights know you're supposed to stay in the background?

The other girls bailed out early, so soon it was only Harmony and Charity. So they ate,


and apparently got wasted. I can't see Harmony dancing on the tables in a sober state. And who is that guy checking her out? Alan, you better make a move fast.

Well, that's all for this week. Next time, we will be visiting with Grace in Starlight Shores. Stay tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 34
Careers: 5
LTW: 9
Skill Challenges: 20
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points:75

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