Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Lazlo Legacy—Harmony 3.2

Welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy with Harmony Lazlo. Last time, Harmony dumped her high school sweetheart, Alan Murphy. Thank you so much, Generations Romantic Reputation System. Harmony drowned her sorrows at a local pub and made eyes at bartender Mikel Pratt. Mikel moved in, and we’re now waiting with bated breath to see who Harmony chooses.
Warning: This entry has gratuitous shots of male pectoral muscles!
TS3W 2011-11-07 22-44-15-01_thumb[1]
Alan’s first mission is to clean up his reputation. He has four love interests, so he needs to invite each one over and ask them to just be friends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Lazlo Legacy—Chance 2.3

Hello, and welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy. This week, we’re visiting Chance’s lot. Last time we visited, Nichol finally defeated Chance at sparring, and Serendipity aged up to child.
Screenshot_thumb[1]On Monday, Serendipity invited over a friend after school. If you recall, Chance and Nichol ran into a Story Progression-generated townie at the Chinese Garden who looked liked he had Justice as a genetic parent. That townie’s name is Omari Dunham, and this is his son, Jeff. Yeah, that’s right, Jeff Dunham.