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The Lazlo Legacy--Hope 3.1

Welcome to Hope and Barry's new home! They will be founding the Appaloosa Plains branch of the Lazlo family. I am hoping their descendants will accomplish the Pets related LTWs and skills. Hope has The Zoologist LTW, so we are already on the way.

The first order of business is adopting a cat. Since cats can hunt small animals, I am hoping Tiger here will help Hope out with her LTW.

Tiger bounds onto the lot. Welcome to the family, boy! You definitely look happy to be here. He does have the hyper trait, and he is already living up to it. He is also playful, adventurous, a genius, and proud.

RL Danny and I are considering getting a kitten, so this week Tiger helped me work through the pros and cons of getting a cat. The first con: cat hair in my food. I have two dogs, so I am not used to animals on my dining room table.

Con #2: Cat playing in the toilet. My dogs are too small to reach the toilet, so I have never had to worry about whether the lid is up or down.

It's almost as if the game knew Hope and Barry would be getting a cat. I didn't place that artwork. It came with the house.

Unfortunately, since I moved Hope to another hood, her count of finding small pets in the wild was reset to zero. She only has to find twenty to complete the LTW, so I don't think it will take long. The first pet she found in Appaloosa Plains was this bird.

Wow, an uncommon pet on the first try. Not bad, Hope! Catalina is a nice name, so I gave that name to the Macaw.

Hope reminds me of a pirate with Catalina on her shoulder. I should dress her in some Barnacle Bay attire for fun.

Tiger took a keen interest in Catalina.

Tiger: I'm gonna mess you up, Bird!

I don't know if cats will autonomously attack birds. Tiger was good this week and left Catalina alone. We'll have to see what he does the next time I play Hope's lot.
But speaking of autonomous action...

While I was playing Hope's lot, the Store team released the Fabulous Fiesta set (yes, that's how long ago I played the first half of this week), so I decided to do some redecorating.

Barry appreciated my efforts, and I am grateful. As I have said numerous times, I really do not enjoy building and decorating. Anyway, the set came with two premium content items, a deep fryer and an ice-cream maker.

Hmm..they got happiness points for placing the items? Actually, I think these are the first premium content items I have placed in the game. Do all of them generate happiness points?

Hope also rolled a wish to improve her cooking skill, so she started with the fryer.

 You can make a lot of different things with the fryer. This will definitely make meal time more interesting. Cooking skill doesn't seem to limit what is available, because I think Hope only had one point in cooking at the time.
Also, the Store Team is on the cutting edge. Did they know Burger King was going to be offering bacon ice cream just a couple months after this set came out?

Mmm...bacon. Seriously, Store Team, that should have been a moodlet. You missed an opportunity there.

Hope can't wait to partake in the greasy goodness.

And here is the finished product.

Word. I don't think there has ever been a truer moodlet.

Tiger wants to get in on the bacon action, which leads me to Con #3:

Cat throwing up on my shoes. I see there is a Lifetime Happiness Reward that stops pets from vomiting. We are so getting that!

Barry combined the fryer and the ice cream maker and made fried ice cream.

These moodlets got me to thinking. It would be nice if the food they ate, and not just the amount, dictated their overall health. Sims who mainly eat Autumn Salad ought to stay thin, while those the indulge in the fryer and the ice cream maker should pack on the pounds.

Anyway, these two appliances were very fun to play with, but they come with one HUGE annoyance. They advertise so highly to the Sims, that if they are left idle, they will go cook something. I was constantly having to cancel those actions from their queue. I hope the store team fixes this soon. I might have to delete these appliances otherwise.

Ok, here is a pro. An obedient cat will use the scratching post, and not the furniture. I have to give it to Tiger. He didn't scratch a single item of furniture all week. That is a big plus in my book.

Con #4: Cat licking his business on my couch.

Con #5: Cat licking his business on my bed.  (That's got to be worth three points).

Out of nowhere, Hope rolled the wish to get engaged. Yes! Her other family members usually take so long to the roll the wish, that I get fed up and marry them off anyway. Barry was at work, so Hope couldn't act on the wish right away. You better believe I looked it in, though.

Random cemetery shot is random. I have no idea why I took a picture of this. I guess I just liked it.

Hope did find a snake on the road near the cemetery.

 Wow! Another uncommon pet. She named him Draco. All of the snakes are going to be named after Slytherin members.

Tiger's social was low, so Hope took him to the Cat Park. I was wondering if any other cats would actually show up, and they did. Here is Petunia Curley, with her mom Esme.

And Babycakes Loveland showed up with her mom Gracie.

It turns out  the Cat Park is a great place to find the minor pets. We found this Gecko.

And this Womrat. I was scared Esme was going to snag him because she was standing over him the whole time.

I guess the Cat Park only has common animals, but I'm not going to complain. With four pets, Hope is one-fifth of the way to her goal.

I have to give EA props on the minor pet cages. They are all unique and neat. I was ecstatic to see the womrat running on a hamster wheel. My only request would be that more than one pet could be added to the cage. Hope and Barry are going to have to build a shed to house all of these minor pets. Unlike the fish, she can't keep them in her inventory because they might escape.

Barry is also on the way to accomplishing his LTW to be a Star News Anchor. Chance's wife, Nichol, is also in the Journalism career, but I don't see her reaching the top before she passes away. She spent most of her time focusing on mastering martial arts and athletics for her LTW rather than writing.

After his promotion, Barry must have been feeling confident about his ability to provide for a family, because he rolled the wish to get engaged. I can't believe they both rolled the wish to get engaged. My Sims hardly roll this wish.

To celebrate, Hope and Barry went to Mick Master's Karaoke Bar. (Thank you, EA, for automatically placing the Showtime lots.)

I know Hope rolled the wish first, but I'm a traditional kind of girl and prefer for the guy to propose.

Awww. These two are still one of my favorite Gen 3 couples.

And speaking of couples, Tiger was having a hard time keeping his social up, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him a mate. Have you ever had that moment when your conscious mind suddenly realizes something that your subconscious mind already knew? My instincts told me to check Tiger's information panel.

Yes, I have been referring to Tiger as a he this whole time, when in fact he is a she. The observant reader would have noticed that the social worker said, "Please love her and give her a wonderful home." Yep, I rock as a Simmer.

So, let's welcome TigerLily's new mate, Hunca-Munca. (And silently berate me for the fact that the gender is displayed prominently next to the pet's name.)

I think it's love at first sniff. TigerLily and Hunca-Munca make friends the very first day Hunca-Munca moves in.

I like a cat that doesn't waste time getting down to business.

Hunca-Munca reminds me of Sweets from TS2.

Looks like there are kittens on the way.

The next day was the big wedding day. Hope and Barry had a backyard celebration. I have decided to use the bride's and groom's favorite colors as the wedding colors in all weddings going forward. Hope's is seafoam, while Barry's is Irish Green.

They even hired a wedding singer, thanks to Showtime, but I must have hired her too soon.

She performed a couple of songs for Catalina and declared she was done. The guests haven't even arrived yet!

Finally, the wedding guests arrive. I coordinated the outfits of Hope's family to match her wedding colors.  I don't know if I will do this every time. Carla is still the queen of weddings!

Look at Barry chill with his future father-in-law before the ceremony. Does Barry look nervous to you?

Pretty soon, it was time for the cermony to start. Thanks Tyrone (Barry's stepfather) for walking right in front of the bride and groom and ruining my shot.

You don't want to incur the wrath of Faith Lazlo-Russell on her daughter's wedding day.

Barry really does look like he is unsure about this. Are you kidding me, dude? You've known this girl practically all your life. Can TS3 Sims get left at the altar? I have never seen it happen, but I haven't had too many weddings.

Let's see how many Sims we can name! Standing from left to right, we have Tyrone and Faith.

On the front row (from left to right), we have Venus Schrock (wife of Barry's half-brother Rodney), some Appaloosa townie, Rodney, and Maisy Miller (an Appaloosa Plains native.)

On the second row (from left to right), we have Lenny Johnson (Barry's stepbrother), Michael, Francisca Baker (future wife of the Hope's brother Honor), and Sean Bumgarner (husband of the Hope's sister Grace).

On the third row (from left to right) we have, Samson Chesterman (Barry's young half-brother), Mary Johnson (Barry's mother), Rafela Schrock (Barry's half-sister), and Mason (Hope's father).

Sitting way in the back are the slacker wedding singer and Hope's youngest brother Courage. Hope's other siblings, Honor and Love, were also at the wedding, but were off-screen, as was Barry's other half-sister Beverly. Between Barry and Hope, they have ten siblings!

Cue the wedding pic spam!

Welcome to the family, Barry!

Well that wraps up this week with the Lazlos. But before we go, TigerLily will demonstrate one more con.
I want to get frisky with hubby, but cat is hogging the bed.

And the one pro to rule them all:
Cat is just so gosh darn cute!

See you next time when we visit with Charity and Michael in Hidden Springs. Stay tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 31
Careers: 5
LTW: 8
Skill Challenges: 18
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points: 69

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