Friday, August 24, 2012

The Lazlo Legacy--Serendipity 3.1

Hello, and welcome back to The Lazlo Legacy. This week, we are joining Chance, Nichol, and Serendipity in the new town of Lucky Palms. (By the time this posts, Sunlit Tides will have been released, so look for Love Russell to be moving there next round.)

We start the week out with Nichol pushing hard to complete her lifetime wish of Physical Perfection. She has already mastered Martial Arts

and she's this close to mastering Athletic. Luckily, she has her husband Chance there to coach her on. 

See how close she was to maxing the skill before she fatigued? I was frustrated because I was going to have to wait one more day before I could add some more points to my score see her fulfill her lifelong dream.

Xiaobai and Li Mei are getting on well together.

In fact you can say they are getting along swimmingly. (Did you see what I did there?)

Seriously, though, the Lazlo dogs love the pool. I can always find at least one of them in it. They use it way more than the human Sims do.

The Lazlo pool is about to get more crowded.

The next day, Nichol finally masters the Athletic skill.

And with that, she also fulfills her lifetime wish of Physical Perfection. Watching Chance train Nichol, I realized how integral he has been to her in achieving her LTW. She couldn't have mastered Martial Arts as quickly as she did without having him as her sparring partner. Likewise, he helped accelerate her Athletic skill by coaching her. It is nice to see in hindsight how well-suited they were for each other.

If I am sounding nostalgic, it is because I am. Nichol is the last member of Generation 2 to complete her lifetime wish. With Mason passing away last week, it is clear that the torch has firmly been passed to Generation 3.

With that being said, it's time for daughter Serendipity to become a Young Adult. The guy having the nerve to do his homework during her birthday party is Ethan Tanner, a native of Lucky Palms. I wish Serendipity had more time as a teen because the teens of Lucky Palms seem to be an interesting bunch. In fact, Ethan probably would have been the number one candidate for Serendipity's boyfriend. (She left her old childhood sweetheart, Jeff Dunham, back in Harmony.)

That's better, Ethan. Let's cheer Serendipity on!

Wow! Another stunning beauty for Generation 3! Serendipity wants to be a director, but with her figure, she could easily be a model. She didn't have time to get her grade up to A, so she the "Good" trait was locked in. Not too bad for a random trait. Her grandpa Justice was Good, too.

Being a young adult now, she moves up to a double bed, which she hopefully will be sharing with a husband some day.

Or maybe she will be sharing it with her mom, since Xiaobai has taken Nichol's place next to Chance.

No one will be getting much sleep now that Li Mei's puppies have been born!

Say hello to Niu. She's Playful and Non-Destuctive. She inherited Xiaobai's coat and Li Mei's spots.

Her sister, Ai, is practically a clone of mom Li Mei, but she does have Xiaobai's ears. Ai is Non-Destructive and Friendly.

Finally, meet brother Shui who is my pick of the litter. If I decide to do a doggie legacy, Shui is going to be the heir. He Likes Swimming like his dad, and he's Friendly. I love how his one paw is Li Mei's coloring. Niu and Shui look a lot alike. The only difference is that Niu's head is a bit narrower than Shui's.

It's funny. As soon as the puppies were born, Jingjing went and guarded the food bowl. Poor thing. She's the only cat in a house with five dogs. I really struggled keeping her social up this week.

Li Mei and Xiaobai had no problems with socializing the puppies. Li Mei often played with them autonomously.

Aww.... I just love this interaction!

Anyway, Graduation Day rolled around for Serendipity.

 That fits. Serendipity does like to paint and film is also a form of art.

Since Serendipity was still single, I decided to take advantage of the wishing well premium content that came with Lucky Palms.

You guys know me. Is it any surprise I had her wish for Love?

Here goes nothing...

 She looks so hopeful. Unfortunately, her wish went unanswered. So, she wished again.

The second time this frog hopped out of the fountain.

Serendipity puckered up and planted a wet one on him. That's faith, girl.

LOL! Those people who say frogs taste like chicken are lying.

Anyway, Serendipity's Frog Prince transformed into...

Ugh! A face one townie! Um, can we get the frog back?

He's not all bad. Not only does he share Serendipity's love of locs, he is also a Great Kisser. Too bad for him, that's not enough.

He's apparently a Diva too. I didn't feel bad about Serendipity kicking Frog Boy to the curb.

Well, Plan A failed. Maybe we'll have to wait for Ethan Tanner to grow up after all.

On the other hand, there may be a Plan B. Xiaobai is now a level five hunter and has unlocked a special ability.

It's time for Serendipity and Xiaobai to take a trip to the Lucky Simoleon Casino.

Dogs who have reached level 5 in Hunting can fetch dates for their masters. It's time to put Xiaobai to the test.

Xiaobai fetches Lucky Palms resident Ezekiel Reid.

Serendipity and Ezekiel seem to hit it off. I don't know much about Ezekiel other than the fact that he's single and works in the Music career. While chatting, Serendipity did learn that his favorite color is Lilac. That's my self sim's favorite color, so that's a plus in my book.

Ok, I took peek at him in CAS to see what was under the shades. He's not bad looking. And with his dual colored hair, he has interesting genetics. This could be a match.

Speaking of matches... I love when Story Progression follows Maxis canon. Fingers crossed that they give birth to a son!

The next day is a day I have been dreading... Chance's elder birthday. He invited over his co-workers, Aya Tanner and Barry Gilbert while Nichol invited over the entire family of her co-worker Kadia King. Of course, I made sure to invite both of Serendipity's potential suitors.

Poor Ethan is at a major disadvantage, still being a teen. For his sake, he better age up before Ezekiel seals the deal.

Nichol is the first to blow out the candles since Chance hadn't gotten home from work yet.

She's not happy to be an elder, and I can't say I blame her.

I think Chance was more reluctant, though. He somehow didn't come home in the carpool. Instead, I found him playing guitar outside the stadium. You can't escape old age, Chance!

Uh-oh, Serendipity may have to compete with Abrielle King for Ethan's affections.

Sahan Diwan crashed the party. He's not bad looking either. I'll add him to Serendipity's list of suitors.

I finally got Chance to the cake. I am telling you, he did not want to age up. The blow out candles action dropped out of his queue twice before he finally went through with it.

Not too bad. He still has those lovely eyes. EAxis has been stepping up their game lately, but they still need to come out with a fashionable set of elder clothing. It took me forever to find something that I could envision Chance wearing.

Well, that's it. Generation 2 are all elders now. That also brings us to the end of this week's chapter. Next week, we'll be back in Harmony with Guardian. Stay Tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 34 (Nichol - Can't Stand Art, Clumsy, Loser)
Careers: 5
LTW: 9 (Nichol - Physical Perfection)
Skill Challenges: 19 (Chance - Handiness - Plumber)
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points:74


  1. Awesome! I miss Sims 3 & their personal traits! I'm going to have to have to start from the beginning. :)

  2. The traits and the skill journal make it hard for me to go back to TS2, but I think the genetics system in TS2 is far superior. It is also easier to play rotation style in 2.