Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lazlo Legacy–Faith 2.2

Back at the Russell house, we’re madly trying to skill up three toddlers in three days.Thank goodness it is Sunday so that Grace is home to help out.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lazlo Legacy--Chance 2.1

This dingy townhouse is Chance and Nichol’s new home. They had a nice home down the street from Fortune and Faith, but the lot was glitched. After visitors excused themselves, they couldn’t leave the lot. Remember the old bug from TS1 where if a house had a fence surrounding it and a visitor excused himself and went out the back door of the house, he could not figure out how to route his way to the front?  Well, the visitors to Chance and Nichol’s house were behaving like that. Seriously, EAxis, eleven years and you still haven’t found a solution to that bug????
I tried removing the fence, but that didn’t seem to help so Chance and Nichol had to move to the seedy side of town.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lazlo Legacy–Faith 2.1

Welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy. I know it’s been a long time since the last real post. You’re probably wondering why this entry is titled 2.1 rather than 3.2. I have been using Twallan’s Story Progression Mod to play multiple households in the same neighborhood. The mod has an option called “Stasis” that prevents a family from progressing while it is not being played. I plan to use this option so that I can play every descendant of Justice Lazlo.
So that Faith, Mason, Chance, and Nichol don’t get short shrift, I’ve aged them back down to Young Adult using Twallan’s Master Controller mod. Of course, I could have used the Young Again lifetime reward or the chemistry table to accomplish this, but frankly I didn’t want to wait for them to earn enough happiness points or to learn the potions.
I have also moved the family to a new neighborhood, Harmony by Magic_Dancer.
I mentioned this in the comments, but I want to reiterate here that the focus of this blog has shifted from its original purpose. I had intended to do a straight Legacy Challenge, but I get so darned attached to my Simmies that I don’t want to turn them over to the Time Stream. From the beginning I have always wanted to accomplish three things: 
1) Achieve every Lifetime Wish.
2) Max every skill (including completing all of the skill challenges).
3) Get to the top of every career.
Once these three things have been accomplished, I’ll bring the Lazlos’ story to a close. But that’s a long time off because we know EA is going to release at least one more expansion pack which is sure to come with new LTWs and hopefully new careers and skills.

Ok, enough babbling. Let’s get on with the show…
Welcome to the Russells’ new home. This lot is called the “Beach Mansion.” Most of the lots you will see come with Harmony. There are a few I have added from other neighborhoods, so I will point them out as we come across them.