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The Lazlo Legacy--Grace 3.3

Hello, and welcome back to The Lazlo Legacy. This week, we are visiting with Grace and her family in Starlight Shores.

Grace is going to be an Actress and Sean is going to be the Leader of the Free World, so the family moved straightaway into a mansion in the hills.

Sean's platform of Family Values isn't just for show. He truly loves his family. He spent a good portion of the week doting on his daughter, Beauty.

He even made sure to be home in time to read her a bedtime story. (I didn't realize you could do this with toddlers in addition to children.)

Sean invited his extended family over for Sunday dinner. His two sisters, Jane (let) and Lauren (right), showed up. Sean's brother-in-law, Kirby, decided to stay home with Sean's nephew, Matthew.

Phil: Jane, you are not as pretty as your sister so you better become a good cook if you want to land a  husband.

Phil, Jane will have you know that she has absolutely no trouble getting the attention of the opposite sex. Jane landed herself a Worthington. If he's a relative of Frances J. Worthington III, then he's probably loaded.

I don't know why I make Phil out to be such a jerk sometimes. He's really not. He's Family-Oriented and Good. I guess I have a bias against World Class Surgeons and assume they must be jerks. (Too much Grey's Anatomy.)

Grace, bless her heart, is Evil and truly can be a jerk sometimes. She enjoyed bragging about her new house to her sisters-in-law.

She's also quite pleased that her husband and mother-in-law are handling all of her daughter's training. Hillary retired from her Journalism job in order to stay home with Beauty.

There happened to be a SimFest in the park one day, so Hillary took Beauty out on an outing. For some reason, Hillary decided to place Beauty right on the stage. This magician is quite incensed that Beauty is stealing her limelight.

Beauty appeared to be comfortable on stage. She showed off to the entire town that she had learned to walk. Is this foreshadowing her future aspiration? I do intend for Grace's offspring to complete the Shoowtime lifetime wishes. Beauty is getting an early start.

Beauty took a spot at the corner of the stage and played with her imaginary friend doll.

Her presence still seemed to unnerve and frustrate the SimFest performers. I tried to get Hillary to pick up Beauty, but every time she went on stage to get Beauty, the proprietor would wave her off. I was about to resort to moveobjects on before Hillary was finally able to snag her.

 Before Beauty aged up, I thought it would be nice if Grace actually spent some time holding her child. I love this picture of the two of them.

Wow, Grace even sneaked in a tickle. 

Grace better get used to holding babies, because Sean wants some WooHoo. Remember, I have a rule for the Lazlos that every WooHoo has to be a Try for Baby.

Sean's wish was the perfect opportunity to try out the premium content that came with the town of Sunlit Tides. This is the massage table. One of the massage options is called "Romantic." 

Grace is really enjoying the Romantic massage!

The Romantic massages grants the receiving Sim a fertility boost.

That's the perfect time to use the Steam-it-Up Sauna which also comes with Sunlit Tides.

Not only can your Sims woohoo in the sauna, they can also try for a specific gender! I think I had Grace and Sean try for a boy since they already have a girl.

Sean added some more water.

Then he and Grace added the steam!

Oh, yeah, somewhere in there Beauty had her birthday.

She rolled the Photographer's Eye trait which her mother also has. I probably should give Beauty one of the Photography LTWs instead of a Showtime one.

Even if they don't have a relevant LTW, Grace and Beauty can still work on the Photography skill challenges. I sent Grace to the Consignment Store everyday in hopes that one of the nice cameras would turn  up. She did find a skill book one day.

One of the cameras eventually turned up, so Grace started on the skill by taking a picture of the shop worker.

The Photography skill comes with a bunch of photo collections your Sim can complete. Photography was introduced with World Adventures, but It looks like later expansion packs have added new collections. I have been dreading this skill, to be honest. The Daye family's struggle with photography really has me scared.

Grace did manage to get a nice picture of Sean to hang on the wall.

Getting back to the sauna, though, Hillary also found a benefit of using it. Having a bath in the sauna will add a day on to a Sim's lifespan. Hillary and Phil's life bars were almost full, but now Hillary is one day younger than Phil because she used the sauna. I have to be careful with the sauna because Sims use it autonomously. Hillary might never die at this rate.

Maybe Grace won't mind since she is indeed expecting again. The big question is: will she have twins or triplets? We will all have to wait until next time.

It's Saturday, so the week is almost over. Beauty doesn't know any of the kids in the neighborhood, so she threw a slumber party to meet all of the girls.

I was pleased that all of the girls came.

I was a bit baffled that Nigel Martin crashed the party, though. I'm sure Sean doesn't approve of his young daughter having a mixed-gender slumber party already.

The kids had fun playing dress up.

I am spamming these pics because the kids looks so cute. I can't wait for Seasons to come out so that I can see them in their Spooky Day costumes.

Ok, I am done. 

And the kids are done. It's bedtime. The Bumgarners have a huge house, but the kids still prefer to sleep outside on the ground.

I couldn't help but notice that Nigel snagged a spot right next to Beauty. Hmm, Nigel, are you perhaps dropping me a hint? 

Well, that's it for this week. Next time, we will visit with Summer in Barnacle Bay. Stay tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 34
Careers: 5
LTW: 9
Skill Challenges: 20
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points:75

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