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The Lazlo Legacy--Charity 3.1

Whoa! Two posts in the same month! I'm on a roll. I'm starting to enjoy playing this game again. Not to mention that I am super excited for Seasons. November 13th cannot get here soon enough. I am even looking forward to Supernatural, which will be releasing in less than a month.

Well, let's get back to the subject at hand, the Lazlos. Last time, Hope and Barry began their new life in Appaloosa Plains.

This week, Hope's sister, Charity, starts her new life in Hidden Springs.

Charity is joined by her imaginary friend-turned-real, TheSituation, a.k.a. "Michael."  As you can see, I have restored my custom content. There is not a single EA hair that does Michael justice. Also, he just didn't look like himself with EA default skin. So Simport be darned, I'm keeping my CC.

Charity has the "Chess Legend" lifetime wish, so she pretty much spent the entire week doing this.

Michael's lifetime wish is "Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium," so he pretty much spent the entire week doing this.

And this. So my strategy for this LTW is to have him stock a home pond with thirteen different varieties of fish, and then fish that pond until he gets his thirteen perfect fish. Once he completes his LTW, I will have him stock the pond with the remaining varieties and keep fishing that pond until he tops the Fisher career and completes the Fishing skill challenges. As a side challenge for myself, I will have him read all of the fishing books because I have never had a Sim do that.

On Friday, Charity drew this Sim (whose name I can't remember) as her next ranked opponent. When she invited him over, he told her he was at work and didn't know when he would be free. I guess that is because he's a Proprietor at Mick's Masters. I was hoping that maybe there was a chess table on the lot so that she could challenge him there, so she and Michael went on a date.

There was no chess table, but they did get to shoot some pool...

 ...and sing some karaoke. I am so glad EA brought back the karaoke machine. Of course, neither one of them had ever sang karaoke so they both sucked.

Ha! Looks like Charity is trying to blame Michael for their poor performance. The Shue kids were their only audience, and Gary Shue booed them. The Shues, by the way, are one of my favorite families to play in Hidden Springs.

After the karaoke, I sent them to the re-vamped hangout which I converted into a club. I added a professional bar, the Dance Sphere, and the casino games.

That night, Michael went out fishing and found Bella the Unicorn!

He is an Animal Lover, so he wanted to befriend Bella. Of course, a unicorn is the perfect pet for a once Imaginary Friend. Maybe I will have him adopt her if he can ever find her again. Too bad he doesn't have the Fairy Tale Finder LTW.

The unicorn must have brought Michael some luck because he caught a starfish. The starfish came with Showtime, and I thought I would have to put spawners in Hidden Springs for Michael to catch them. Thanks, EA, for taking care of this. Hopefully, I can find some Sea Sludges too.

Fairy tales are coming true all over Hidden Springs. I don't plan to post too many messages about the pre-mades, but I was tickled to see that the "geek" Liam got the belle of the ball. If you are not familiar with these Sims, you usually see Liam's picture next to a big OOPS on the Sims 3 site. Ella is supposed to be Cinderella. She lives with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters and is supposed to capture the heart of the town's "prince", Sebastian Vanderburg. In my hood, Sebastian ended up with one of Ella's stepsisters. Nice work, Liam!

Love is in the air because Charity woke up Saturday morning with the wish to marry Michael.

Michael woke up with the wish to WooHoo Charity. In my book, that's a marriage proposal (strict family values, you know).

Since Charity was the one with the actual proposal wish, I let her do the proposing. They both already have the last name Russell, so it really doesn't matter who initiates proposing or marriage. I do feel bad that I gave them a quickie wedding. She rolled the wish on Saturday which is the last day I play the lots (I play each lot from Sunday 6 am to Sunday 6am).  I also wasn't feeling that great when I played, and they had very little money, so all they got was a wedding arch and a wedding cake. I didn't even bother matching the Russells to Charity's and Michael's favorite colors (which happen to be white and grey, by the way).

Aw... don't cry guys. Charity you do look gorgeous in your Katy Perry knock off. I'll make it up to you by letting you honeymoon in France. (Charity had an opportunity that required them to travel to France, so it's a win-win.)

Actually, they were crying because Mason decided to UP AND DIE at the wedding! What is with these Lazlo/Russell men dying at weddings? Justice died at Guardian and Leeann's wedding. 

Anyway, I had a feeling Mason might pass during the wedding. If you have Twallan's Story Progression mod installed, it will give you a notice when a Sim inherits items from another Sim. I had gotten a notice that Charity had inherited some money from Mason, so I knew he wasn't long for this world. Still I was sad to see him go. He is the first member of Generation 2 to pass away. He was the sweetest Criminal Sim I have ever known.

Don't mind the dead man pleading for his life in the corner there, just carry on.

Aww...Charity doesn't want to let her daddy go. I feel your pain, but it is time for him to journey on. The man has literally lived two lives. If you remember, I made him, Faith, Nichol, and Chance young again when I decided I wanted to play all of the spares. I am bummed he didn't get to the top of his career, but he did accomplish his LTW.

Mason chose a lovely spot by the pond to leave his tombstone. Rest in peace, Mason! 

It would be weird to welcome Michael to the family since he was Charity's imaginary friend, but who cares? Welcome to the family, Michael!

Charity did cheer up enough to consummate her marriage, but there were no lullaby chimes. I'm ok with that. Hopefully, she and Michael can complete their LTWs before the baby(ies) come.

As promised, the next day, I sent them to France. I took the risk and let them travel without Twallan's Traveler mod. I made a backup of their save and prayed the whole time that they would be able to get back with their inventories intact.

I was pleased to find that Charity could still work on her LTW while in France. So she spent the three days playing chess.

She ended the week at Level 8 in Logic and  Rank 3 in Chess, more than halfway there! She doesn't need to complete the Logic skill challenges, because her uncle Fortune has already done that.

And Michael, of course, spent the three days fishing. Wow, they grow the frogs big in France. As he was fishing, I heard a train whistle in the background, so I panned out.

Yes, there is a train in France. This is probably old news to most people, but this is the first time I have ever noticed the train. So, there are planes, trains, and automobiles in the Sims 3. Sweet!

Also, in case you were wondering, the minor pets do spawn in the World Adventures locations. It's too bad EA doesn't have the expansion packs build on top of each other, because it would be cool to have a unique set of minor pets spawn in each location.

I think this home is gorgeous. I hope my Seasoned Traveler Sim can buy it as a vacation home. 

Anyway, soon it was time for Charity and Michael to return home. I held my breath during the loading screen, hoping his fish would still be in his inventory.

Yes! They made it. I quickly had him stock the pond before they disappeared.

Michael now has twelve varieties stocked. He only needs one more and then he can start fishing for the perfect specimen of each variety to complete his lifetime wish. He is also at level 8 in Fishing but has a ways to go towards completing the skill challenges.

Well, that's all for this week. Next time, we will visit with Chance, Nichol, and Serendipity in Lucky Palms. Hopefully, Nichol will complete her lifetime wish of Physical Perfection so that Generation 2 will have a perfect record. Stay Tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:
Unique Traits: 31
Careers: 5
LTW: 8
Skill Challenges: 18
Paranormal: 1
Miscellaneous: 6
Total Points: 69

In Memoriam
Mason Russell passed away peacefully at the home of his daughter in Hidden Springs. He died as he lived, Surrounded by Family. Mr. Russell was born in Sunset Valley. While attending Sunset Valley High, he earned money as a baby-sitter. It was also in high school where he met his future wife, Faith Lazlo. The couple went on to have six children: Grace Russell-Bumgarner, Honor Russell, Hope Russell-Chesterman, Charity Russell, Love Russell, and Courage Russell. Mr. Russell is also survived by three sons-in-law: Sean Bumgarner, Barry Chesterman, and TheSituation Russell; and, one granddaughter, Beauty Bumgarner.

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