Custom Content Credits

Skin Defaults: Full Family v2 by Navetsea
Eye Defaults: Skye Eyes by ShadowWolf5889
Neighborhood: Harmony by Magic_Dancer 
Some Townies come from Los Aniegos by coasterboi

Harmony's YA hair and Love's toddler hair
Love's teen hair
Hope, Peace, and Promise's toddler hair
Grace's YA hair
Janelle's long hair style
Janelle's short hair style
TheSituation's hair
Beverly's teen hair

Leeann's Dress: Liana Sims 3 -- Item #178 under Young Adult --> Female --> Everyday
Justice's YA Top: The Sims 3 Store

All hacks are by Twallan and can be found on his site.

The Story Progression -- A better implementation of story progression that keeps the town moving.
The Master Controller -- A nice interface to the debugging cheats. Allows you to do things like edit Sims in CAS, adjust ages, set family relationships, change LTW, and much, much more
The Overwatch -- Periodically cleans up the game. Most notably, cleans up all of those cars that EAxis spams in a Sim's inventory
The Woohooer -- A TS3 version of Autonomous Causal Romance
The Written Word -- Allows books written by people around town to be bought at the bookstore
The Porter -- Used to move a family or group of families from one neighborhood to another while maintaining their relationships
The Second Image -- You know those pop-ups in the upper right hand corner? If you click on the Sim's image on the right side of that box, the game will zoom in on that Sim. This mod allows you to do the same thing with the Sim on the left side of that box.
The Dreamer -- Sims get Lifetime Happiness Points for fulfilling unlocked wishes.
The Once Read -- When you click "Read Something" on a bookshelf, only books the sim hasn't read will be available
The Register
The Error Trap
The Mover

Other Mods
No or Fewer Memories by velocitygrass