Completion Challenge Rules

The Completion Challenge was created by Robin of the Sims3Challenges Yahoo Group. The rules were last updated by Robin on January 27, 2012.

The main goal of this challenge is to experience all of the different aspects of the game.  Hopefully it will encourage you to explore parts of the game you don’t normally play with and help prevent boredom.  This challenge is designed to be open to any play style.  You can play one house only over many generations (legacy style) or you can move out children into their own houses and use a mod (awesomemod or Twallan’s story progression) to rotate between houses.

To start the challenge, create your founder.  You can make your sim any way you like with any traits you’d like.  Move him or her into any lot in the game.  I suggest starting with a very large empty lot and seeing all that you build up over time, but if you’d rather purchase a prebuilt house, you can.  Moving during the challenge is allowed if you want.  If your hood becomes broken during the challenge, you can pick an heir and start them in a new hood and continue your challenge from there.

During the course of the challenge you are not allowed to use any money, mood, or relationship cheats.  Cheats to fix bugs are allowed.  Mods to allow rotating between houses without changes are allowed (be sure to set all options to keep the house as static as possible, especially prevent career progression while you are not playing the house).

Your goal in this challenge is to have a sim complete all of the challenge tasks listed below.  This will require generations and generations of sims to complete.  You can count the task as completed if it is accomplished by any sim under your control.  You can complete the tasks in any order you wish.  There is no minimum or maximum number of tasks a single sim should complete.

You MUST accomplish the lifetime wish of all sims you are controlling.  If they die before you accomplish their lifetime wish, you cannot count any tasks that they completed.  You may move in any sims you wish, but you must try for the lifetime wish of those sims.  You can NOT use the lifetime reward to change their lifetime wish.  You can NOT use the lifetime reward to change the traits of any sims.  Traits for children born in the game should be rolled using the in-game dice, however if you get the option to choose the traits, then you get veto power.  If you roll a trait that you really don’t want, you can reroll the dice once for that trait.  Your sim can have as many children as you’d like.  Children of your sim can stay in the house and be fully played and count towards points, they can move out into their own house and become a playable house using a mod, or they can be moved out to the time stream and story progression control.  If you move a sim out to become uncontrollable and if you have already accomplished the lifetime wish of that sim, you can keep the tasks they accomplished as completed.  However if you move a sim out to become uncontrollable before accomplishing their lifetime wish, you cannot count any tasks they accomplished.

The goal is to check off every task listed.  To keep track of your progress you can give yourself one point for each task you complete.  If you do not have all expansion packs, just go for the tasks that relate to the expansion packs you do have.  If a new expansion packs comes out, you can add any new traits, skills, careers, and lifetime wishes to the list of points.

Note: Robin's original scorecard includes many different categories of tasks. To make things simpler for myself, I am now only scoring on Traits, Lifetime Wishes, Careers, and Skills.

Please see the Family Accomplishments page for the list of tasks.