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The Lazlo Legacy—Harmony 3.3


Welcome back to the Lazlo Legacy. This week, we are visiting the lot of Harmony Lazlo. Will she finally become Harmony Murphy or Harmony Pratt? Let’s find out…


Family night was pretty lively this week. For some reason, Grace decided to pick a fight with Leeann. I didn’t see what triggered it, and I was shocked. Leeann is a mild-mannered Sim. Of course, Grace is evil, so Leeann might have just been standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Fortune is embarrassed by his niece’s display.


As the Lazlo patriarch, Fortune feels it is his duty to scold Grace.


Grace ignores Fortune and heads for Mikel’s bar to practice mixology. I’m starting to wonder if the Russell women have a drinking problem.


Harmony and Alan both had wishes to go fishing, so I sent them fishing together. Hmm…Harmony looks like she’s lost some weight. I prefer her a little more voluptuous.


They also discussed their mutual interest in gardening.


Harmony is a snob, so she steered the conversation to her favorite topic…herself.


I was surprised when Alan autonomously asked Harmony to look at the stars. I don’t know if that is EA functionality or if that was caused by Twallan’s Woohooer mod. (By the way, Twallan has moved his mods to a new site. They can now be found at


She accepted his invite, so I’m taking that as a sign that she’s picked Alan! Did you think it would turn out any other way? You know I was rooting for him the whole time.


I like to think of this picture as Alan begging Harmony to give him a second chance. But he’s actually using the “What do they say about me?” interaction. I first noticed that interaction when Sean was asking Mason for Grace’s hand. It came with Generations.


It is a way for a Sim to find out what their Romantic Reputation is. Alan still has the Naughty reputation. He doesn’t have enough Lifetime Happiness points to get the Clean Slate reward, but he did purchase the No Jealousy reward. I  have heard the No Jealousy reward was fixed in the 1.29 patch.


When they got back home Harmony agreed to give Alan a second chance, so they are going steady again! Hallelujah!

TS3W 2012-01-02 13-07-29-65

Slow down, missy! One of you needs to roll the wish to get married first.

Oh, you’re probably wondering what happens to Mikel now. I’m not going to throw him out into the cold.


Me: Say Mikel….have you met Janelle?

I told you I had a plan for Janelle.

The truth is Mikel really never stood a chance with Harmony.  Harmony never rolled any romantic wishes for him. Sure, she wants to talk to him and pillow fight with him a lot, but nothing romantic. But the major strike against Mikel is his genetics. He is cursed with the face one template. I’ve been putting together a family tree of the town on Family Echo, and I noticed many of the townies have the exact same face. This is because EAxis is lazy when creating townies. They all get the face one template which is the first face you see in CAS.


For example, here’s Bree and Alan’s sister-in-law, Dalma. Can you tell their face is exactly the same?


Here’s Mikel, Harry Chesterman, and Alan’s brother-in-law, Aleksey. They may have different skin tones and eyebrow shapes, but the face is the same.

There are many more townies walking around with these faces. Left uncheck, everyone will start looking the same. I took some  drastic measures and annihilated a good number of sims from the hood. For the ones that I needed to keep because they were related to a potential Lazlo spouse, I used Twallan’s story progression to prevent them from having any more babies. I then configured the SP mod to generate townies based on Sims in my Family Bin.  (That list of families you see at the bottom of the Edit Town screen.). I also had to install Twallan’s Register mod because otherwise EA would just keep generating townies to fill the roles in town. The Register mod has an option to replace role Sims with residents, so SP generates the residents and then I use Register to assign them to roles (e.g. Mixologist, Bouncer, Musician, etc.). Service Sims, like maids and social workers, are still generated by EAxis, so I have my Story Progression set up to prevent them from marrying into the town. The Register Mod is also useful for controlling the stray pet population, and it can be used to completely ban deer and raccoons from your game.


This is one of the newly generated townies, Valerie Dodge. She’s very pretty and she’s not a face one!

So once I learned about the face one problem, there was no way I was letting Mikel pro-create with Harmony. Hopefully Janelle’s genetics are powerful enough to overcome the face one virus. Seriously, that’s how I treated it. Every time a new immigrant showed up in Harmony, I checked them out in CAS. If they had face one, they were annihilated instantly. I kept Alan’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law around because the Murphys have very strong genes.

TS3W 2012-01-02 18-18-25-10

I hope the Irvine genes are strong too, because Jessica’s brother, Jake, just knocked up the daughter of a face one man. (Her mother was an Esparza, a family imported from Los Aniegos.)

Anyway, that’s enough genetics talk. I wanted to give Mikel and Janelle time to get to know each other so they went out clubbing.


I think they make a cute couple.


I love Janelle’s makeover. I dressed her in spiceberry because it’s Mikel’s favorite color. (Hers is white.) By the way, if you want the RGB values for the favorite colors, check out the Sims Wiki.

TS3W 2012-01-02 20-07-32-18

TS3W 2012-01-02 20-07-05-22

I sent Janelle and Mikel out as a group, but the game converted them to a date, and Mikel rolled this wish. I’m taking that as a sign he likes Janelle.

TS3W 2012-01-02 20-22-58-93

Yep, they had a great date! By the way, I hope the quality of these message boxes looks better. I changed FRAPS to capture the screenshots as PNG files rather than JPG.  I’m still using the in-game camera for the regular shots. Of course, Photobucket may decide to compress the heck out of the PNG files.

TS3W 2012-01-02 20-23-09-35

And Mikel wants a second date with Janelle. He’s smitten!

TS3W 2012-01-02 20-23-18-79

The feeling is mutual!


I thought this was funny. They were out on their date all night long, and when they get back to the house, they waved at each other.


Janelle: Who’s Mikel hot for now? This girl.

Awww… Janelle is so cute, but she does have a flaw. She is a Snob. I mean, Harmony is also a Snob, but Janelle takes it to new heights. I’m constantly cancelling her interactions because she wants to brag about herself or complain about something. She’s also Rebellious, which doesn’t help. Luckily, Mikel is pretty easy-going.


Of course, poor self-esteem has never been an issue for Mikel, either.

Mikel: I just bench press motorcycle.


Mikel: The Janelle female pleases me; therefore, I permit you to marry the Harmony female.

Alan: Whatever, jerkface. You haven’t even had your first kiss yet.

Ok, I really wanted Alan to say something stronger than jerkface, but I am trying to keep this blog PG-13.


I think the Janelle female is also pleased with Mikel’s assets.

TS3W 2012-01-04 00-19-38-03

So much for PG-13…ahem. Yes, I moved Pauline and Hank to Harmony. I'm determined they are going to have a happily ever after somewhere! I changed their Commitment Issues trait to Family-Oriented, and I also gave Pauline the Nurturing trait. I married them off and changed their SP settings so that they are not allowed to have affairs or break up.

TS3W 2012-01-04 00-19-43-07

Yes! This will actually be the first baby I’ve ever seen them produce together. Now if only sim!Temesha and sim!Danny would get busy…

TS3W 2012-01-04 21-53-43-30

Leeann’s little sister has a love interest. Harrison is a fourth-generation Dunkin. I can’t believe I just noticed that Hillary has two L’s in her name. I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time. I must have a problem seeing double letters because I did the same thing to poor Nawwaf.

TS3W 2012-01-05 20-44-40-49

Alan’s niece, Ruby, has become a child. Ruby is the daughter of Alan’s brother Gary. You’ll see a little later on what I meant about the Murphy genes being strong.


Oh, Alan, you were making fun of Mikel not having his first kiss?  Mission accomplished. By the way, the hair colors on these two make me crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.



After their kiss,  I left them alone for a few minutes to see what they would do. They just stared into each other’s eyes.


I didn’t know Sims could stargaze on the balcony. I thought they could only stargaze on the ground. Nice, EA!

TS3W 2012-01-05 21-19-26-86

This is random, but I noticed that Doreen is Harmony’s boss. She’s also a 4-star celebrity, probably because she’s been at the top of her career for a long time.  She got to the top before I ported everyone over from Sunset Valley. I can’t believe Doreen is still around. I’m pretty sure I have my SP configured to allow Simbots to age. Doreen is over two hundred days old and is by far the oldest Sim in the hood.

TS3W 2012-01-05 21-37-09-93

Saturday rolled around, and I decided to throw a slumber party. Lorelei invited all of the girls in the neighborhood. Everyone showed up except Janiyah Barnard, which was strange because Janiyah had just come home from school with Lorelei the day before.


Newly-aged up Ruby Murphy was invited. She is Lorelei’s niece after all. Check out that chin. That is the Murphy chin,  and every Murphy has it. It definitely comes from Colin because his ex-wife Jennifer  has two sons with two different men and neither one of them has the chin. Ruby takes very much after her grandpa. She has his hair color and eye shape as well.


Even Lorelei has the chin to some extent.


The girl on the left is Alexis Albright, the little sister of Summer’s boyfriend Randell. Jamira Barnard is on the right. She’s Janiyah’s sister. Jamira and Janiyah aren’t related to anyone we care about at the moment. In fact, the Barnards were victims of the Great Face One Purge, so this is the last we’ll see of them.


Jane Bumgarner, Sean’s little sister, also arrived. The Bumgarner eyes are as strong as the Murphy chin.


Jane held court while the other girls munched on cookies. I can see her being the ringleader of the group. It will be interesting to see how these girls’ lives develop. Most of them will be in the hands of Story Progression.

TS3W 2012-01-05 22-32-25-16

At 11:30 PM, the game forced the girls to go to bed.


They all went outside and slept in sleeping bags. I had put out sleeping bags on the balcony for them, but they all pulled one out of their inventory and used that one instead. The slumber party had started at 6 PM.  I think the next time I throw one, I’ll start it earlier. I’m hoping that means the kids will have more time to play before they go to bed. They woke up at 7 AM and immediately went home.


While Lorelei was having her slumber party, Mikel and Janelle were out on their second date at a poolside club. I spent all night bouncing back and forth between the slumber party and the date. Mikel ordered a ridiculously expensive shrimp cocktail, and Janelle didn’t even sit at the same table with him. EAxis, fix this please! I also hope we get fully-functioning restaurants back someday.


Of course, they had to get in the hot tub.


Things definitely got steamy!

TS3W 2012-01-05 22-38-51-07TS3W 2012-01-05 23-02-42-77

Both of them are interested in taking the relationship to the next level. Neither one of them is a Lazlo, so Strict Family Values doesn’t necessarily apply to them. But, it’s the end of the week, so we’ll have to wait until next time to see where things go. And even though, Alan and Harmony are back together, neither one has rolled an engagement wish yet. *Sigh*

Up next, it is finally Grace’s wedding day. Stay tuned!

Completion Challenge Scoring:

Unique Traits: 31

Careers: 5

LTW: 8

Skill Challenges: 18

Paranormal: 1

Miscellaneous: 6

Total Points: 69

Harmony is the only Sim on this lot who is eligible to score points. Since she has not reached her LTW yet, the score has not changed.


  1. I love Mikel and Janelle!!! Lol, they remind my of peanut butter and jelly too!

    ~Calista Smith

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  3. @Calista, I love Mikel and Janelle too. I felt bad because I ended up ignoring Harmony and Alan!

  4. @Anon,

    No, I haven't seen the show Chuck. I don't really watch much TV these days.

    I have two dogs, Isabella and Duke. You'll actually see their Simselves in the next post.

    Amelia Lily is a pretty name. I have a naming theme for the Lazlos, but I will name the next townie baby girl that.